Prettygreat’s ‘Crash Club’ Gets Updated With Tournaments, Events, and Loads of New Content

It seems like the first rule of Crash Club [Free] is that you must talk about Crash Club as much as you can, as the popularity of Prettygreat’s latest game after a host of Apple-backed promotions has been impressive. While a lot of the excitement around Crash Club is owing to its finely tuned gameplay and ridiculously varied customisation options, one reason why the game has kept momentum is because of its impressive post-launch support through successive content updates. One such addition came shortly after launch, and yesterday the Version 1.2 of Crash Club finally reached the App Store, with a whole number of shiny extra vehicles, a new crash site to brawl in, and also a boldly named Galaxy Gun that has the ability to shoot up to three players at once.

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In the 1.2 update for Crash Club, it seems Prettygreat have settled around an Emergency theme, with police, fire engine, ambulance, truck and sweeper cars being included, all with their own unique powers. The new battle arena is also focused around a satellite dish that has crashed into earth, and the Galaxy Gun should create even more chaos within this new environment. Thirty new accessories and even more smashables are also included, however the addition of tournaments, events and weekly challenges that offer exclusive cars will give any ardent Crash Club fans even more reason to blast into the action yet again. Download the Crash Club 1.2 update on the App Store today, and head to our forum thread for more discussion and even more explosions surrounding Prettygreat’s car combat hit.