LawBreakers Dev: ‘We Are Maxing Out’ The PS4 Pro And PS4, Xbox One X Is ‘Awesome’

Boss Key Productions lead designer Dan Nanni, who’s busy working on the studio’s multiplayer shooter LawBreakers, has talked about why the game is coming to PS4 first over Xbox One. He revealed further information about the PS4 Pro version to GamingBolt. It’s already known that the game is running at 4K and 60fps on the PS4 Pro but he stated that they are maxing out the hardware’s capabilities.

“PlayStation 4 Pro is 60 frames per second. PlayStation 4 base is 60 frames per second. We are maxing it out. We are 4K on PlayStation 4 at 60 frames per second. It’s all about maximizing the performance, and make sure it plays competitively.”

Praising the Xbox One X, Nanni said, “Xbox One X is awesome. When you give us hardware we’re going to maximize it, that’s what we do. We build on PC, and PC we take advantage of the latest and the greatest video cards. But we also have to support the older video card as well. If we wind up supporting the Xbox we have to make sure it runs on the Xbox One X and the old Xbox.

“It’s about making sure that everybody who gets to play the game doesn’t have a poor experience regardless of their set up. Because if you give a poor experience in a competitive environment, you really can’t blame yourself anymore for the mistakes that happen, or the person skills. Sometimes you got to blame the hardware. And that’s not fun. So we don’t want the hardware to ever become a discussion point when it comes to especially a console.”

Parity across both consoles will be tough especially for games like Destiny 2 where Bungie insists on staying at 30 FPS on both Xbox One and Xbox One X to maintain the same experience. Then again, this is something that Microsoft should’ve known would happen, especially with multiplayer-centric games. We’ll see how that pans out in the coming months.

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