Kerohiro the Flag Bearer Review

Kerohiro the Flag Bearer

Kerohiro the Flag Bearer by LekChan is a RPG mobile game with a very different fighting style. Here are my review of Kerohiro the Flag Bearer. Your heroes are lined up in a row being led by your direction, which is one by swiping up, down, left, or right. This “snake” of heroes will attack the enemies lines which are also going around the board. Be careful though as enemies will fight back and can be a little unpredictable as they charge around. Every kill you have a chance to get gold or health as well as building up your morale. Higher morale means more damage and when your morale bar is full the leader of your troops will do a special attack. Finish off all enemy units and advance to your next quest. With plenty of upgrades, magic items, enemies, all with different fighting styles, and new heroes to find and unlock Kerohiro the Flag Bearer is one grand adventure game 2016.

Kerohiro the Flag BearerWhile the battles are heavily influenced by the gamesnake there isn’t any danger of crashing into walls or your own line. You can even walk through the enemy units, but of course both sides will be able to hack and slash anything close enough to it. At first, it seems best to attack only from behind, but as you gain more heroes, some fight better when making a side attack. But that is the same for enemy units too. Appearing in groups of three, the foes therein are randomized so you have to decide which line is best to remove first. The more time that passes though the more baddies appear. So be quick and swift but also smart in your attacks. If you lose a unit they become a ghost. You have to touch them to add them back into your line. They are still dead, but if a crystal drops they can be brought back to life, or if you have unlocked the caves, the ghost will continue on with you in the next level. The caves can be unlocked, like many other mini quests, by chatting with people in the bar. The mini quests will appear on your maps, but when you select them they don’t tell you what the adventure is or if it’s even the main-quest line or not. That can be a little upsetting when you use up an energy to realize it wasn’t the one you wanted to try for. So just pay attention to what the people say as they tell you where and what the quest is. All quests will give you lots of gold and experience so ready your flag because this fight to save the land is just getting started.