The Battle for Polytopia Released by Midjiwan AB

battle for polytopia


Super Tribes (now known as The Battle Of Polytopia) is an amazing minimalistic game, a mobile version of Civilization with extremely intuitive controls (having in mind there’s no tutorial!) and in depth gameplay that can keep you hooked for hours. It’s a beautiful game you will love and it’s almost unbelievable to see that there’s no pay wall for a free game.

Released by Midjiwan AB, The Battle of Polytopia is game where players pick a tribe, each with a unique ability to start with, and must then start in a procedurally generated world, where each tribe attempts to outperform all of the others. There are two modes that are available for players.

First is Domination, where players can work until all rival tribes have been completely wiped out, without any limit on the number of turns available. Perfection is the alternate mode, where players compete for the most points, within the thirty turn limit. Almost every action in the game has a point equivalency, be it exploring an area previously hidden by fog of war, meeting a new tribe, discovering new tech, and so on. Each tribe within the game comes with one spot already available to them on the tech tree.

The Battle for PolytopiaThe Battle for Polytopia

For example, players can start with the Xin-xi tribe, which begins with climbing tech (which allows players to access other techs related to it) while the Imperius tribe begins with “organization”, and so on. Players will need to muster units, in order to fill a variety of roles that include attacking other tribes, defending your own, and exploring the surrounding areas. Beyond this, exploration and resource gathering are other key points for players to mind. Lastly, there are two modes of play: Solo against the AI or pass and play with friends.

The Battle for Polytopia is available for free from Google Play. The game also includes ads, and optional IAPs