‘Badland 2’ Drops to Lowest Price Ever, Adds New Levels

Badland 2 [$0.99], the sequel to the very successful Badland, is a gorgeous game to play on an iPad and one I often use to showoff mobile gaming to non-gamers. Today, Badland 2 got a huge update and dropped to $0.99, its lowest price ever. The new update adds a new level pack called Evolution, which brings 10 new levels, 20 new online levels, 35 new secrets to discover, 19 new achievements, 60 new time trial badges to unlock, and 7 new time-based leaderboards. As you can tell, that’s a tone more content in a game already filled with stuff to do.

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If you haven’t played Badland 2 yet, it’s a great side-scroller of sorts that has you solving puzzles on the go and trying to break your own records. It’s really worth checking out, and for 1 dollar, it’s a no-brainer.