Turn-Based Strategy Game ‘The Last Warlock’ Is on Sale for the First Time in Two Years

The Last Warlock [$3.99] is a prime example of the old adage ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’. A quick glance at the blocky, voxel graphics reminiscent of Minecraft [$6.99], Crossy Road [Free] and the million imitations of both games that have spawned on the App Store since suggests a more iterative and casual experience. However, under the surface lies one of the more creative and in-depth turn-based strategy titles on the iPhone, as you trawl through dense maps with a number of magical summons and spells that take advantage of the flexibility that the basic graphical style permits. A significant single-player campaign combined with an awesome asynchronous multiplayer mode meant the game was extremely well received in our review back at its 2015 launch, and today The Last Warlock has gone on sale for the first time in two years at a bargain price of $1.99, this week only.

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Despite The Last Warlock being the debut of developer Sonic Sloth on the App Store, it’s impressive to see the game still be updated over two years after release. In a recent automatic addition to the game, a new multiplayer app was added as well as some single player tweaks, all without having to access the App Store to download an official patch. Because of these constant additions, and the strength of the game’s original content, The Last Warlock stands up well even in 2017, and the freedom offered is truly refreshing for a turn-based strategy title. While the game went on sale for a brief two day period shortly after its launch, this serves as the first true promotion for The Last Warlock since its release, and so isn’t one to miss for anyone even remotely interested. Check out Shaun’s review for a complete critical assessment of the game, stop by our forum thread for further news of any future updates, and download The Last Warlock while it’s on sale for $1.99 this week only.

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