Silly Adventure Game ‘Her Majesty’s SPIFFING’ on Sale for the First Time

If funny adventure games are your thing, then you should definitely pick up Her Majesty’s SPIFFING [$3.99] by BillyGoat Entertainment, on sale for the first time ever. The game has you searching the universe for planets to “gently” claim for the Galactic British Empire. You assume command of a near futuristic ship called HMSS Imperialize (subtle) and set to venture into the cosmos with one goal, to serve Queen and country. And SPIFFING is an acronym for “Special Planetary Force for Inhabiting New Galaxies” and nothing else. The game, which has great reviews on Steam, is chock full of British humor and entertaining characters, although some players do note that it’s a little on the short side.

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The game dropped to $0.99 yesterday and today has gone up to $1.99, but that’s still a pretty good sale compared to the original $3.99. If you’re looking for a fun adventure game to play, look no further than Her Majesty’s SPIFFING.

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